College Football Stories and Scores
Alabama Crimson Tide vs the Florida Gators
Alabama came out on top by a score of 54-16 against the Florida Gators. They have simply dominated all of their opponents by a ton every week and are not letting up. Their defense is remarkable and their quarterback is one of a kind. They are the 1 seed in the playoff and they certainly deserved it.

The Wisconsin Badgers vs Penn State
Penn State barely came away with the win Saturday night by a score of 38-31. Nearing the end, Penn State stopped Wisconsin on a 4th and 1 situation to seal the deal. After winning the toughest conference in all of college football Penn State was put at the 5 seed. 

College Football Playoff Standings
1. Alabama
2. Clomson
3. O
hio State
4. Washington
5. Penn State
6. Michigan
7. Oklahoma
8. Wisconsin
9. Southern California
10. Colorado