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SMS Boys Soccer 2017 


SMS Boys Soccer 2017

Sturgis defeats LakeShore 


Friday afternoon Sturgis faced off their last opponent of the season, LakeShore. Sturgis had a really tough game Friday, playing in very cold weather really wasn't the best for both teams. Sturgis started off winning with a goal from Moses Tapia, which was followed by a goal from LakeShore to end the first half 1-1. Around 12 minutes into the first half, Moses Tapia once again scored making it 2-1. Just like the first half Moses's goal was followed by another goal from LakeShore. There was a few minutes left in the game, the game was hard but Sturgis did not give up until the last whistle was blown. Near the end of the game Luis Vergara made an absolutely astonishing goal to make it 3-2 and make Sturgis win the game. After all the suffering from the cold and the hard game Sturgis came up on top and win the game.  

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