Five Star Program
The Five Star program is on a mission to inspire middle school students to live a Five Star Life by living by the Five Star Values: 

Respect- treating others the way we want to be treated

Courage- doing what’s right rather than what’s popular

Integrity- who you are when nobody is looking

Sacrifice- giving up something now for a bigger cause

Responsibility- owning your past choices, present reality and future dreams

Five Star connects students with great leaders that coach students to win in the game of life. Each student is paired with a coach and then placed in a small team of 5 to 8 other students. The teams form a family that compete together in daily high energy activities, discuss inspiring character building stories and set short term and long term life goals together. The program also involves the students in day trips out to the Manowe Ranch in Sturgis, where the students ride horses, climb the rope course and work together in many other fun filled activities.

The program runs in three different 8 week seasons. At the beginning of each season new students will have the opportunity get into the program and old students will need to reapply for the new season. Five Star can only accept approximately 80 students so forms need to be turned in as soon as you receive them and is run on a first come first serve basis. There are a lot of students that do not get into the program on the first try, so commitment to the program is required, remember it is a team.